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--===  f e w   w o r d s   a b o u t   m e  ===--
My photo
               Name : Jan Amler
            Nickame : Sarnegarth
                ICQ : 3585552
           Cellular : +420608551895
             E-mail : amler@orfinet.cz
      Date of birth : 19.9.1979
     Place of birth : Rakovník, Czech Republic
      Fixed address : Krinitova 1680, Rakovník 26901, Czech Republic
  Temporary address : Hřímalého 34, Plzeň 32025, Czech Republic
             Height : 180 cm
             Weight : 67 kg
          Education : secondary
    Driving licence : cathegory B
          Languages : English, passive German
            Hobbies : computers, Internet, programming, games, outdoor, travel,
                      rock climbing, speleology, movie (amateur and independent,
                      or my own), mysteries, music, pleasure, car (joyride
                      itself), foolish actions
          Ambitions : University of West Bohemia - Faculty of Applied Science,
                      work as a programmer, travel and find out, discover something
                      and push the limits of the present day
              Likes : Tolkien, Pratchett, toasts with garlic, gin,
                      camcorder, computer, smile, beautiful girls, intelligent
                      chat, Prodigy, Ultima, Diablo, experiences, adrenalin,
                      night, frankness, sex, money
           Dislikes : politics, make-believe, water, bureaucracy, tomatoes

 --===  m u s i c  ===--

  What music I like : Group                      Best song
                      Brutus                     Čerstvá krev
                      The Cure                   Forest
                      Daniel Landa               Vlkodlakům
                      Depeche Mode               Clean
                      The Doors                  Light My Fire
                      Garbage                    Push it
                      Guano Apes                 Lord of the Boards
                      Jaromír Nohavica           V tom roce pitomém
                      Kabát                      Skrblík
                      Karel Kryl                 Marat ve vaně
                      King Diamond               Twilight Symphony
                      Korn                       Twist
                      Krausberry                 Mejdlo
                      Lucie                      Černí andělé
                      Massive Attack             Karmacoma
                      Metallica                  Until It Sleeps
                      Načeva                     Měsíc
                      Nirvana                    Smells Like Teen Spirit
                      Orlík                      Bílej jezdec
                      Ozzy Osbourne              Perry Mason
                      Pearl Jam                  Do the Evolution
                      Pink Floyd                 Another Brick in the Wall (I.)
                      Plöska                     Člun
                      Portishead                 All Mine
                      Prodigy                    Firestater
                      Psí vojáci                 Žiletky
                      Queen                      You Don't Fool Me
                      Rage Against the Machine   Killing in the Name
                      Red Hot Chilli Peppers     Around the World
                      R.E.M.                     Drive
                      Sepultura                  Roots Bloody Roots
                      Tata Bojs                  Vesmírná
                      U2                         Please
                      Z davu                     Slepci na lovu prasat I.
                      Zima                       Čelím včelám

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